Putting the Power of MS Excel to Work for You

  • Perform data analysis to support marketing and business developing units, identify key areas of opportunity, trending and emerging risks.
  • Provide financial data and reporting solutions by developing user-friendly financial/data models, and automatizing administrative and technical reports.
  • Revenue Modeling, Risk Analysis, Metrics, Reporting, Pricing, Budgeting, Training, Mentoring, Forecasting, IRR/ROI/NPV/CBA/DCF Studies, andExperience Analysis.
  • Expert in using Microsoft Excel data and financial functions, add-ins, VBA, & Pivot Tables.


José Castañeda is an expert in transforming customer’s raw ideas and unclean data into creative analytical Excel tools to measure and optimize projects, marketing programs, processes, sales, and profits. Specialized in forecasting “what-if” risk or marketing scenarios and communicating effectively the technical or cultural nuances hidden between the numbers impacting outcomes.

Extensive know-how about eliciting and analyzing ideas, data and processes to understand the influence of ambiguous or “unknown” risk variables in order to achieve expected outcome goals and profits. Expert promoting profitable business growth through the examination of past results, new marketing initiatives, potential outcomes and business possibilities. Contagious “finding a way, making a way” attitude to get the work done efficiently while influencing the quality & quantity of the teamwork.

Wide experience performing Revenue Modeling, Risk Analysis, Metrics, Reporting, Pricing, Product Development, Budgeting, Training, Mentoring, Team Building, Relationship Building, Forecasting, Spanish, Latin America, Trending Analysis, IRR/ROI/NPV/CBA/DCF Studies, & Experience Analysis. Expert in using Microsoft Excel data and financial functions, add-ins, VBA, & Pivot Tables.

Capable of taking delight on Excel projects regardless of their size.  Examples of projects where Jose has excelled are:

  • Negotiated and obtained a portfolio offer of US$7.30 million, 25% higher than the initial buyer’s proposal by sharing an explaining the MS Excel model used.
  • Saved countless staff work-hours by solving challenging MS Excel job-related inquiries in “Aon Excels”, a 500-member worldwide forum ranked 50 out of 2000 intranet Aon groups.
  • Reduced 50% reporting response time by developing periodic budget forecasting procedures and MS Excel modeling tools to free up international staff work time.

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